Reformer PILATES

Reformer Pilates suits every level of fitness, and has a wide range of benefits. 

Reformer Pilates is done on a bed-like frame attached by weighted springs. The springs provide differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame and this is what creates long and lean muscles in the body.

  • Foundation level – this class will teach clients the fundamentals of Pilates, and will slowly introduce the workings of the reformer machine. Clients suitable for this class include older clients with underlying physical impairments, clients returning from injury, post-natal clients, or any client wanting a more gentle session. If you have no Pilates experience, you can join in this class too. 

  • Level 1 – This is a beginners class, suitable for any new clients who are injury free and not in any acute pain. You can attend this class also if you have no previous Pilates experience. 

  • Level 2 – This class is an intermediate Reformer Pilates session. Clients must complete at least 8 Level 1 classes before moving onto Level 2.

  • Private one to one sessions – Our team are highly experienced in rehab Pilates, and can plan a Pilates programme that suits your body’s specific needs/injuries in order to help you heal and become stronger.

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